Ne aramıştın?

14 Aralık 2010 Salı


Hey, i wanted to start write my blog in English also. I believe (actually hope) that i won't forget my English writing and reading :) Sorry that i couldn't update my blog and it's been a while. It was such an awkward time. There are too many things to talk about. But i should start with one subject. Few days ago, when i was watching TV, i saw news. The speaker was at the Galata Bridge and he asked one question to the public. " What is Wikileaks?" And some of the answers : "A shampoo brand, a soap brand, it's not food, it should be a cloth brand, sport product, a computer professor, a make-up product" And at least five people didn't have any idea about Wikileaks. Just one person said in his own words "It's on  the internet and it makes the presidents crazy, and i think there are some documents about governments." After watching it, i was shocked. Was no one watching TV or reading newspaper? It shouldn't be like that.

           Another matter is that some people don't listen me and say same words all the time. It made me crazy. And i have no solution right now :((  Add to it, nowadays, I lost money, my leather gloves, pens....  I hope i could find all of them. The reason of the losts is my mind is so confused. I cannot decide what to do. I should find a way to make happy both sides. But now, Gotta go

To be continued